African Migrants Complain: Free Italian Food & Hotels Are Not Good Enough

Apparently African migrants don’t like genuine Italian food. They are complaining about free food and the hotel rooms, especially the rooms with no working televisions.

Italy– a popular tourist destination– where most tourists go to eat authentic Italian food– is not good enough for African migrants.

If it’s not good enough, why did they go there? Why didn’t they stay in their African country?

Italian news Il Tirreno reports that the protesters are seeking asylum from their countries. However, “because of the large number of people who arrived in Tuscany in the last two years, the average waiting time has gone from 60 days to nine months.”

The newspaper adds, “But sometimes the protests seem childish.” They are protesting over dented boxes of fresh plums and televisions not working. Boo hoo. After all, they are not paying for anything. Not a dime for the hotel, food, or processing of asylum. Italian taxpayers are footing the bill. And for what? What are they gaining by this large influx of migrants from North Africa?

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