Are Candidates’ Wives ‘Off Limits’?

The Make America Awesome super PAC recently put out an ad featuring Donald Trump’s wife, Melania, when she posed nude GQ magazine in 2000. Trump GOP opponent, Sen. Ted Cruz, who didn’t denounce the ad, said his campaign didn’t put out the ad.

Trump’s response on Twitter:

Cruz’s reply:

But, Trump didn’t need to respond, as message boards, /pol/, 4chan, and, exploded with information about Heidi Cruz. Soon after, Trump fans began posting a released police report of an incident with Heidi Cruz that occurred in 2005.

And, then there’s this:

But a police report, and her mental state, are relevant, especially in light of the fact that has shaped national policy, and most likely would do so if Cruz was elected. Tim Brown, of Freedom Outpost, writes that a police report is more than relevant.

As is:

Heidi’s involvement in selling Americans’ out to China. We know she is part of Goldman Sachs, on temporary leave; that she was part of drafting NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), which caused thousands of Americans to lose their jobs; that she was a part of the Council on Foreign Relations, which her husband called a “pit of vipers.” Yet, he stood back and watched as she was a part of it, and he’s even claimed to be honored to hang out with Henry Kissenger.”

Has Melania posed naked since her modeling photo shoot 16 years ago? Has Heidi had any other “spells” since the last publicly recorded one roughly ten years ago?

And then it got uglier:

trump tweet wives

trump wives2


It seems that the attack on Melania opened the door to look into Heidi’s past. Once that door was opened it seems the wives are fair game. But, Heidi more so, as her policy positions have directly impacted the American economy. Her ties with Goldman Sachs are still strong, as they most likely are with the CFR.

If the super PAC supporting Cruz didn’t first attack Melania, who did? And should these wives be off-limits when it comes to personal attacks? And didn’t these candidates say they would refrain from personal attacks?

March 24, 2016

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