Belgium’s Retribution: Belgistan, the Capital of EURABIA, Must Watch Video

The Islamification of Belgium has completely transformed this tiny country (the size of Hawaii), once known for its creation of “pomme frites” and Hercule Poirot, into an unrecognizable European state.

According to Belgian sociologist Felice Dassetto, Belgium will become an Islamic-majority country by 2030. Already, more than 26 percent of its capital city Brussels’ metropolitan population are Islamists (300,000), who comprise roughly half of the country’s Islamic population. In Antwerp, Belgium’s second-largest city, an estimated 40 percent of elementary school children are Muslim. In 2011, Antwerp became its first city to allow the country’s first Islamic Sharia law court to operate.

This is coincides with Sharia4Beligum’s goal to completely conquer its 11 million people. And– the newly established Islam Party vows to implement Islamic Sharia law.

Consider how much worse of a situation “Belgistan,” as it is now called, finds itself compared to this 2012 CBN news report:

Belgium’s fate may not be a coincidence. Perhaps the destruction of its culture, heritage, and people is retribution for the evil its leaders perpetrated worldwide.

Its second King, Leopold II (1865-1909), was one of the most cruel European leaders– known as the “Butcher of the Congo.” An ironic title, since he never set foot in the African colony during the 23 years that he solely owned it. At the time, the Congo encompassed a geographic region larger than England, France, Germany, Spain and Italy– combined– and was described as “the world’s only colony claimed by one man.”

Leopold controlled the ivory trade for his own personal profit, and enforced hard labor production of rubber, known as the “Rubber Terror.” Under his regime more than ten million people suffered human rights abuses and were killed in the Congo. Those who survived were displaced as refugees fleeing the barbarity carried out by his military.

Fast forward to 1935 when Belgium controlled Rwanda. When it introduced identification cards for Rwandans it deliberately began identifying, labeling, and separating Tutsi from Hutu tribes, increasing warring groups into larger factions. Belgium’s policies indirectly and inextricably led to genocide that occurred in Rwanda in 1994. The Hutu majority slaughtered over one million Tutsis and moderate Hutus. Roughly 70 percent of the Tutsis and 20 percent of the Hutus were annihilated.

Today, known terrorist plots and coordination with ISIS originate from Belgium. Not to mention the reality that the remaining, minuscule population of Jews still living in Belgium feel unsafe. Belgian’s Chief Rabbi, Avraham Guigui, described their fear, stating “there is no future for Jews in Europe.” He said last year:

There is a sense of fear in the streets, they understand that they too are targets of terror. Jews now pray in their homes and some of them are planning on emigrating.

“There has been aliyah to Israel as well as emigration to Canada and the U.S., people understand there is no future for Jews in Europe.”

The remaining questions for Belgian leaders is what action will be taken to protect Belgian citizens? Will the Belgian government allow, even aid, its own destruction– in a similar manner as it destroyed the lives of millions in the Congo and Rwanda? Will Belgian’s 11 million be wiped out as retribution for the blood its spilt of roughly the same number of Africans over the last few centuries?

February 15, 2016

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