Black Friday: Islamic Black Flag Massacres

Americans whined or celebrated the Confederate or rainbow flag, completely distracted from the imminent national security threats perpetrated by their government. The American government sent $12B to Iran, Congress fast-tracked the TPP, which will destroy America’s sovereignty, and the Black flag waved throughout the globe called Muslims during Ramadan (6/17-7/17) to “be keen to conquer in this holy month to become exposed to martyrdom.”

On Black Friday, widespread and simultaneous murders occurred in France, Tunisia, Kuwait, and Syria:

  • 146 people were massacred in Kobani, Syria
  • A man was beheaded at work, his head posted on the company’s fence in France with flag and sign with Arabic writings
  • Tourists on Tunisian beach killed and wounded by gunman using automatic rifle
  • Hundreds wounded at a mosque in Kuwait City, more than 25 killed by suicide bomber All murderers declaring, Alluah Akbar– the peace of Islam– waving the Black flag.

Wake up America. The rainbow and Confederate flags are completely irrelevant.

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