BREXIT Inspired EU Revolt: Czechs, Hungarians, Polish, Slovaks Vow to Block Migrant Influx

H, Hungary’s populist conservative prime minister, pledged to uphold the “historic, religious and national identity” of Hungary and other countries by opposing migrant policies at an upcoming summit next week in Bratislava.

September 16, the Visegrad Group of Eastern European nations will meet to discuss the disastrous “immigration policies” of the EU. The eastern European block of Czechoslovakians, Hungarians, Polish, Slovaks are all in agreement: no more Muslim migrants.

The U.K. Express reports Orbán remarked that,

Brexit is a fantastic opportunity for us. We are at a historic cultural moment. There is a possibility of a cultural counter-revolution right now.

“People don’t change, national and religious identities still have their place. There’s no European identity that could replace them.”

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Poland’s Justice and Law party leader, added,

Europe needs deep changes. These changes must be rooted in a cultural counterrevolution reminding us that Europe has a wealth of European cultures.”

The group of Eastern European countries also oppose the EU’s plan to give 75 million Euros to Turkey to allow mostly Muslims to have visa-free travel throughout the borderless Schengen area.

Next month, Hungary will hold a referendum on the EU’s migrant quotas and plan to force countries to admit refugees from the inundated countries of Greece and Italy.

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