British Columnist: “To hell with #solidarity: Terrorism Is NOT the New Normal” [VIDEO]

To hell with #solidarity. If Europe is willing to accept that Muslim terror is simply the new normal we can’t afford to stay part of it.

After the terrorist attacks in Brussels, columnist Katie Hopkins writes for The Daily Mail,

The usual suspects from Obama to Cameron to Hollande trotted out well-practised lines about showing solidarity with our Belgian neighbours.

“Then the President of the United States, a keen advocate of the UK staying within the safety (*cough*) of the European Union, went off to watch the baseball with his new Cuban pals in the Castro regime.”

“Terror is no longer something which shakes us into silence, cowers us into defeat. It is no longer surprising. We have given it appropriate responses, images, even its own vocabulary, enabling us to deal with it as if it were commonplace, something of the everyday.

“We have normalised horror.

“Whilst someone races to design a graphic to share online, others rush to own a hashtag, and a public space is designated for candles and tears, colouring or celebration.

“People will talk about still taking the Underground home every day because otherwise the ‘terrorists will win’.”

Perhaps, though, her most chilling analysis is towards the end of her column, when she debunks the “normalization of terror,” by saying:

“And the people who say we must carry on as normal or the terrorists win are talking nonsense. Because the terrorists are winning. They won in Paris, they won in Brussels, they won on 7/7 and 9/11 and they will win again.”



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