British Imam Encourages Teens To Own Sex Slaves [video]

This British Imam preaches what is taught in the Qur’an– men, including teenagers, are permitted to own sex slaves. In fact, chapter four “The Women” is devoted to explaining civil law according to Shari’a. (See also Qur’an 33:50).

This chapter outlines the laws ruling:

  • Marriage (men can have four wives and unlimited slaves),
  • Divorce (a woman or child can be divorced by the word of an Imam or husband, even after only being married for one hour),
  • Who can or cannot marry whom (ie. relatives (although Muhammad argued he was the exception to the rules he prescribed when he slept with his daughter-in-law),
  • Punishment for wives when they disobey their husbands, and
  • Who can or cannot have sex with whom.

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