Censor “Illegal Immigrant” tweets & Give Illegals Legal Bill of Rights?

Illegal immigrant activist, Jose Antonio Vargas, advocates that the word “illegal,” should be made illegal. Vargas is pushing an initiative to “Define America,” or rather redefine America so that no person is “illegal.”

A legal citizen of Mexico would be an American, under his scenario.

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Vargas’s propaganda comes on the heals of United We Stay, which produced its own Bill of Rights for “undocumented Americans.”

And, the Drop the I Campaign. Its “@DroptheIBot” is an attempt to censor tweeters by “correcting people who say illegal immigrant” on Twitter. @DroptheIBot, without the tweeter’s permission, trolls their tweets to change them. These activists claim:

The Twitter bot is a modest effort to help America shed some of its historical baggage. To let [tweeters] know that in 2015, the preferred terms are ‘undocumented immigrant’ or ‘unauthorized immigrant’.

“For many years, it was considered socially acceptable by some to use the term ‘illegal immigrant’ (or worse, ‘illegal alien’) to label people living in the United States without proper authorization.”

Why is it considered offensive to use the term, “Illegal immigrant”?

According to Vargas:

Actions are illegal. People are not. I am here illegally, but as a person I am not ‘illegal’.”

Yet, if anyone can commit illegal acts, one has to ask why have any laws at all? Why delineate between citizenship and non-citizenship? If no one is a citizen, then the reasoning is that everyone is a citizen?

Better still, that non-citizens are “entitled” to legal rights of a country in which they are not citizens, and are not authorized to be in that country? Proper authorization is still another term that implies there is improper authorization. Authorization implies rules still exist.

The problem with Vargas and all of his other cohorts is that they advocate only for their definition. They change existing definitions but the law is still the same. People who break the law still get arrested. They still go to jail. Prisoners are not non-prisoners. Subjective definitions don’t actually change the facts. They are only used to confuse and indoctrinate people to believe what is false.

Every country has citizenship requirements, yet the United States is the only country where illegals can enter and demand rights to which they are not entitled anywhere else than where they are already a legal citizens.

Vargas admits he has broken the law and is an illegal immigrant. The only question is, why hasn’t he been deported?

January 21, 2016

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