Charleston News Coverage Highlights American Hypocrisy

What does it take to be on the national news and mourned in America– being shot in a church?

One Christian is killed every five minutes in the Middle East. Every hour 11 Christians are murdered– by Islamists. In their own homes. In churches. Churches are burned. Mosques are built over the ruins where Christians once lived and worshipped.

Do people know about the “purification of Christians” in India?

The hypocrisy related to South Carolina is mind boggling: pray and bemoan over nine killed while ignoring Holy Islamville, S.C. where Shari’a law is advocated, which requires Christians be persecuted and killed!

Ignore Lyndsey Graham and others in Congress who are not only “allies” with Qatar and Saudi Arabia but have done nothing to stop the U.S. government from sending $12 billion to Iran where Christians are being arrested and tortured in jail for being Christians. Seriously. Wake up America. It’s the black flag people need to get rid of. (*Note the 56 people in Chicago, 23 in New York City, and 28 in Baltimore Bethany refers to were shot, not killed.)

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