Danish Girl Explains How She and Her Dog Were Punched, Kicked, Stoned & Thrown Into Lake [video]

Thanks to LiveLeak, a young Danish girl’s experience has been made public and gone viral on social media. She videotaped herself, crying, while she explains what four Islamic migrant boys did to her and her dog in her own country.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and she thought it was a great opportunity to play with her dog by the lake. Unfortunately, when four Islamic migrants boys saw her and her dog, they started kicking the dog. Then they started throwing stones at her and her dog. She was bewildered, scared, angry, and panicked. They kicked her to the ground, threw her into the lake, and both she and her dog need medical attention after this traumatic event.

This is Islam. This is what Islamic migrants think about dogs, and that no one should have them for pets.

In fact, Islamist regularly inject dogs with acid: (warning brutal video).

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