EPIC: Jonathan Cahn Sums Up Obama’s Anti-Christian Legacy

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s last words to Barack Obama, as described in his National Prayer Breakfast remarks, are perhaps the most fitting summary of Obama’s anti-biblical and anti-Christian legacy. He said, Obama:

led this nation to champion the killing of the unborn, and not only within its own borders, but in that of other nations across the world.

labored to strike down the standards and order ordained by God concerning man and woman and marriage, not only within these borders, but around the world.

parting gift to the Jewish nation was to abandon it at the United Nations, to allow and even foster a resolution declaring that Israel’s ancient holy city Jerusalem, belonged not to Israel, but was, quote, ‘Palestinian territory.'”

In sum, Obama was “waging war against the Word of God.”

Cahn emphasized that Obama’s relentless attempts to destroy biblical marriage will become undone:

On the day of the last Presidential Inauguration, I asked a question of President Obama. Now as we approach the President’s last hour, there are other questions that must be asked. These words are being recorded and now he will have more time to see it.

President Obama, with all respect that is due, as you approach the last hour of your presidency, you were shocked by the outcome of the election. And it now appears that your legacy will largely be undone.

You came to the presidency claiming that as a Christian you could not support the ending of marriage as it had always been known. And then you did everything in your power to end that very thing. And then you sought to force believers to take part in that very thing you said a believer could not support because of God. And then, those who would not take part of it, you sought to punish them.

If one believes that God is real, how can one do such things?”

Cahn declared that Obama’s aggressive destruction of human life will become undone:

You came to the presidency speaking of tolerance. And yet you showed no tolerance for the lives of the unborn. But you zealously fought to defend the carrying out of their murder and, beyond that, to expand their murder around the world.

And then you went farther. You sought to force God’s people to partake in the killing of the unborn, to pay for their deaths. You even took them to court to coerce them into doing it.

If one has any fear of God, how can one do such things?”

Cahn exposed Obama’s intentional distortion of the meaning of the rainbow and that of biblical truth:

President Obama, on the day when marriage as we know it, as ordained in the Word of God, was, with your help, struck down in this land, you celebrated it by lighting up the White House in the colors of the rainbow. Did you not know that the rainbow does not belong to man – or to any movement of man? The rainbow… belongs to God. It is the sacred sign of God’s covenant, and the sacred colors of His throne?

If you believe that God is real, how could you use the sign of God to celebrate the striking down of the Word of God? And if you dishonor His throne, will He not dishonor yours?

If you overturn the edicts of God, should you be surprised that your own edicts will now be overturned? And if you strike down the precepts of God, will not your own precepts be struck down?”

Cahn highlighted Obama’s false claims to know the God of the Bible while also condemning Israel, interfering in its democratic process and the election of prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and maintaining that Jerusalem does not belong to Israel:

You launched accusations against the leader of Israel in a way you never have against the leaders of enemy nations. You took part in isolating and condemning Israel before the world, and advancing a resolution that proclaimed that Israel had no right to Jerusalem.

If one has ever read the Bible, how could one foster such a thing? Did you miss what the Word of God says concerning Jerusalem?

There is only one who has authority over Jerusalem. And it is not the United Nations. It is not the European Union. And it is not you. There is only one. And His name is the Lord, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – the Holy One of Israel.

Long before there was a United Nations or a United States, or any of the nations that cast this vote, the Lord issued His own resolution concerning Jerusalem. And no law, no executive order, and no U.N. vote will ever overturn it. And concerning that U.N. resolution, the Almighty has issued His own response…….. He vetoes it.

Four thousand years ago God made a covenant with Abraham, that states that whatever you do to Israel, shall be done to you.

You sought to intervene in an election held within the borders of a sovereign nation, Israel. Therefore should you now be surprised if God intervenes in the election in your own borders? You sought through Israel’s election to nullify the stands and legacy of its leader, Benjamin Netanyahu.”

Cahn admonished that Barack Obama’s harmful policies will become undone:

So should you now be surprised if God through the American election overturns the actions and positions of your government and nullify your legacy?

Despite how you treated the name of God, the Word of God, the ways of God, the hand of God, and the people and kingdom of God, the inconvenient truth is – God is real, His Word is true, His ways are eternal, His hand is mighty, and His kingdom is without end, and the darkness will not overcome it.

Mr. President, I am here to report to you good news – the God of Israel is alive and well and His arm is strong, to the rising up and casting down of kings and kingdoms, governments and administrations. You don’t think He can do that? To paraphrase your own words – Yes He Can!”

In short, Obama’s actions outweigh any of his false claims about Christianity. One cannot know and follow the God of the Bible while also openly subverting God’s commandments through public policy that attempts to overrule it. No one can overrule God. God has the final, and eternal, veto.

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