Everything You Need to Know About EU Lies, And Why Voting for #BREXIT is CRITICAL [VIDEO]

Everything everyone needs to know about #BREXIT, and the lies the EU billionaires are telling about it, can be heard in this exception presentation by Paul Joseph Watson.

BREXIT is the acronym referring to the British citizens’ demands to leave the EU, stop paying the EU billions of dollars for nothing in return except for immigrants who come to the UK for its social services, and the destruction of UK industries and economy. The EU has contributed nothing positive to Britain– and they want out. The vote is scheduled for June 23, 2016, and it is the most important vote any British person could ever vote for– to save their country from annihilation from a behemoth continental invasion.

The EU’s structure is nothing more than “wealth confiscation on a continental scale.” Already the EU:

  1. Has harmed the UK financially. The UK sends the EU £350 billion every week– enough to build a hospital every week– and it has no power over how the EU spends it.
  2. Has destroyed entire British industries. For example: when the UK joined the EU, British fishermen were prohibited from fishing in local waters where they have fished for centuries. The EU obliterated the British fishing system– and is now paying British fisherman to destroy their boats.
  3. Destroyed the nation state through its disastrous immigration policies and confiscation of up to 80 percent of EU member states’ exports.
  4. Has created nothing but widespread economic depression. Since 2010 every country has grown financially– except for the EU.
  5. Is creating anti-democratic totalitarian policies that have nothing to do with free trade. The EU is paying organizations to allow the EU to gain more power, which it does. EU officials pass laws from which they are exempt. They shop at their own private shopping malls. And, they only pay a flat tax of 21 percent, again exempt from themselves from the exorbitant rates everyone else is required to pay.
  6. Immigration has destroyed the economies of most of the EU nation states– overruling the votes of the people in each of those countries who vote against the Euro, against the EU, against every single treaty– yet they are overruled by a totalitarian EU Commission whose members are unknown to them.

Watson lists examples of how the UK is already paying the EU more than double of what other countries are paying. And that if BREXIT does not pass, the UK will be forced to take in 75 million Muslim Turks– who are not refugees or in need of moving to the UK, or anywhere else for that matter.

Watson also points out that every EU “financial bailout” has been illegal according to the EU’s own laws– yet the EU officials are not held accountable for this or for destroying the economies of Italy, Greece, France, and Germany.

Watson provides a good analogy to explain what the EU Commission is like. Imagine Barack Obama by executive order announcing the elimination of all gun ownership in the U.S. His executive order bypasses Congress and the Supreme Court. And there is no legal way to overrule or appeal this decision. The government enforces this order and confiscates guns from the American people, while also fining and taxing them for this action. This is what each EU “legislative” decision is implemented. The examples he lists are astounding. This is definitely worth a listen– and only 19 minutes.

June 12, 2016

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