Finally, Sweden’s Islamist Housing Minister Resigns

Sweden’s Housing Minister, Mehmet Kaplan, finally resigned from his post after Swedish media investigated and uncovered his long-term and direct connection to fascist Islamic groups closely aligned with Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Kaplan was Sweden’s first practicing Islamist elected to parliament. Ilya Meyer, of The Times of Israel, provides a clearer picture. He writes, Kaplan is:

an avowed Islamist whose only action thus far after 18 months in the government is to announce that he will ‘liberate Jerusalem'” [from the Jews]; and that “Kaplan also has the dubious distinction of having been deported from” Sweden’s ally, Israel, for “subversive activities including failing to enter the country legally.”

Kaplan was also deported (along with his Green Party colleague, Gustav Fridolin) for illegal activities linked to the Ship to Gaza campaign a few years ago.

However, Kaplan’s greatest accomplishment was enabling more than 200,000 migrants into Sweden, within a short period of time, who are mostly Islamists who illegally entered the country without adequate grounds for asylum. Instead of building apartments for them or for indigenous Swedes, he oversaw an expansive movement to commandeer small businesses and tourist attractions to house them.

Because of his actions and those of Sweden’s Migration Board, popular, expensive, even elite tourist locations already have been transformed into asylum centers for Islamic migrants. It’s expected that Sweden’s tourism industry and economy will collapse as soon as this summer because its government already commandeered its resorts into refugee centers.

Sadly, Kaplan’s resignation is too little, too late in a country whose population, in 2011 alone, declined by greater numbers than any other time in its history since the 1887 Swedish migration to America. Five years prior, 67 percent of Swedes surveyed by the Swedish Integration Board felt that Islamic values “are not compatible with those in Swedish society.”

The question is: why wasn’t Kaplan and most of Sweden’s leadership fired or even arrested for treason years ago? They have and are continuing to deliberately destroy what little remains of Sweden’s cultural heritage.

April 19, 2016

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