FRIGHTENING: “Moderate” Migrant Attacks in Greece, Key Gateway to Europe [video]

The Moria transit camp on the island of Lesbos, Greece, a beautiful tourist attraction, is now a central entry point for “refugees” and migrants seeking to enter Europe. They are mostly smuggled in by boat from Turkey and dropped off on the northern coast of Lesbos.

Meaning– they could have stayed in Turkey. Turkey could have provided these refugees with food and housing.

Instead, they are boated to Lesbos. If they can’t pay for transportation to the Moria intake camp, they walk roughly two days from the drop-off point. When they arrive at Moria, they are required to register. Most have no identification and meet a translator who fill out their information on an index card. After registration, they can purchase a ticket to ferry from Lesbos to Athens.

CBC News reports that the Moria “reception centre” is funded by the Greek government and the European Union. Roughly 2,000 “refugees” arrive on the island daily.

The going rate to be smuggled from Turkey to Greece is $1,100 per person for spots on a dinghy.

As evidenced in the below video reported by Russia Today, riots break out at the intake center, where refugees set on fire garbage cans and throw stones at police. In this case, the Greek police had to respond with tear gas.

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