Germany’s Modern Day Reformation is its Penultimate Road to Perdition [video]

Nearly 500 years since the Protestant Reformation began in Wittenberg, Saxony on October 31, 1517, the same region is undergoing similar, but unparalleled turmoil.

Unlike the early 16th century peasant revolts, which resulted from and contributed to greater intellectual and economic freedoms brought about by the Protestant Reformation, Germany’s modern-day reformation—under the guise of “immigration”—is unilaterally destroying German culture and identity.

Germany’s welcoming of Islamist “refugees” has paved its penultimate road to perdition with its censorship of information and propagation of lies.

Millions of “Syrian refugees” need German assistance.

Germany will take in nearly 1 million Islamist “refugees” by year-end—including up to eight family members for every male refugee—causing an influx of roughly 8 million —more than ten times official estimates.

Numerous news reports reveal that the “asylum seekers” entering Germany once reportedly fleeing war-torn Syria are in actuality young healthy men of military age from Islamic controlled countries—not from Syria.

In fact, the overwhelming majority excludes the very non-Muslim minority refugees in need of help who have survived persecution—by ISIS. Seven out of every ten migrant is allegedly “lying about their past.”

One Syrian man told the British Daily Mail:

Look at them! They pretend to be migrants from my country, but they lie. Their skin is blacker than ours. I know they are Arab-speaking Muslims from Sudan. Every day more Africans, Afghanis, Iraqis, Iranians, Lebanese and lot of others, slip through the door opened by Germany to us Syrians.”

Germany does not have a “refugee crisis.”

Its refugee crisis has only exacerbated already existing violence caused by immigrants from Islamic-controlled countries. News outlets have been reporting “no-go zones” since 2010 and “Shari’a Police” patrolling German streets since 2014.

Not to mention Germany’s “rape epidemic” directly caused by its “refugee crisis.”

Germans rightly and bewilderingly claim:

There will be crime in this village, just like there was in the town nearby after they opened a refugee centre. There are three million people without jobs in Germany and 300,000 homeless but the government is only interested in helping these people. And most of them are not even refugees. The others – from the Balkans, Africa and Asia – are just exploiting the situation in Syria to come to Germany.’”

Yet, a recent editorial comment in Westfalen-Blatt rightly noted that German police are ordered to not publicly mention increased incidents of crimes involving refugees and migrants, to avoid legitimizing criticism of mass migration.

Even German civil unrest– because of its refugee crisis—is now likened to what Germans experienced pre-Nazi-era turmoil. Germany’s modern day reformation is worse in that its citizens are increasingly homeless and their hospitals increasingly overrun, while Angela Merkel gives ‘shelter, cash benefits and food to ‘anyone who says they are Syrian’.”

If Germany ever needed saving from itself, even more so than under Hitler, it is now.

November 9, 2015

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