GUESS WHAT? “Asylum Seekers” Won’t Work, Call Themselves “Merkel’s Guests” [video]

This should not come as a surprise to anyone– but–according to the mayor of the Eastern German town Saxony Waldenburg, Bernd Pohlers, “asylum seekers” refuse to work when jobs are offered to them.

The UK Express reports that “the local council spent £600 arranging for the men to have uniforms but were stunned when they were told they would not complete it because they were ‘guests of Angela Merkel’.”

Interestingly– EU immigration rules prohibit asylum seekers from working. But, officials in the Zwickau district devised a way to offer employment to migrants in an effort to help them integrate into the local community. Asylum seekers/migrants can choose to “voluntarily work” in various jobs that pay £18 for 20 hours of work.

But asylum seekers were offended by this gesture:

But every single male refugee who initially agreed to participate in the program quit when they learned that they were going to be paid a minimum wage of £7.30 (€8.50) in Germany ($9.60).

Mayor Pohlers said in response:

It was subsequently argued by these people that they are guests of Mrs. Merkel and guests do not have to work. 

“Furthermore, they were of the opinion that there is a minimum wage (€8.50) in Germany, and that this had to be paid by the City Waldenburg.”

Furthermore, Mayor Pohlers got pushback for speaking out about the immigration problems in Germany. He said the people in his town were trying to help, they even raised money in the local community to help with the influx of migrants transitioning to a new culture and country.

He felt compelled to make public what was happening:

I see it as my duty to inform you about the current situation, even if it was difficult and I was discouraged from many sides.”

The asylum seekers are still not working. And the local community is not happy. The Express reports that the locals “are concerned that they are being silenced over the issue of immigration.” 

For this community, they’ve learned the hard way– no good deed goes unpunished.

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