Guess What Happened to 55-Yr-Old Italian on Eve of Her Wedding to Afghan Refugee

The Italian newspaper, il Resto del Carlino, reports of a recent wedding gone awry. Of course many weddings can go wrong. And in Italy, the country of love and romance, anything can happen.

What makes this situation different is that a 55 year-old woman from Cesena fell in love with a 28-year-old Afghan refugee, who jilted her the night before the wedding. The man was undocumented, the newspaper reports (the English translation reads) “his identity is not shown in the records of asylum seekers.”

The woman was hosting him in her house, claims she fell in love with him, and they planned to get married. Except he took off with 150 Euros and two gold rings.

She could only report theft, the newspaper reports, because “the end of a love still is not a crime.”

However, somehow the fugitive made it to Germany from Italy and was contacted via phone. He apparently told authorities that he didn’t want to marry her. However, it’s unlikely that he’ll ever return the rings or the money.

It’s also likely that he had no intention of marrying her and did not love her at all.

Who knows, but the lesson learned: don’t host an Afghan refugee in your home.

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