Here’s How the Religion of Peace Celebrated the International Day of Peace

Today is the International Day of Peace, a day to recognize nonviolence. Here’s how the cult that continuously calls itself “the religion of peace” celebrates nonviolence.

Today, September 21, 2016, ISIS executed six boys with a welding rod and flogged three men for playing football (soccer) in the Nineveh region of Iraq.

The boys were handcuffed before a welding machine and rod were used to kill them in a public execution. Their crime? Watching football (soccer) and wearing a t-shirt with the name of a superstar footballer, Lionel Messi.

On September 21, 2015: the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), one of the most violent jihadist groups in the Philippines, abducted four civilians from the Holiday Oceanview Marina in Camudmud village, Samal Island, Davao del Norte province, Philippines. Two Canadian hostages were killed. No one knows what happened to the other two. ASG’s name means “bearer of the sword.” The group’s trademark is for kidnapping for ransom, and attacking civilians and the army. ASG has committed itself to establishing an Islamic State.

On September 21, 2014: two attacks on the same day occurred. The private residences of Albu-Isa clan leaders were burned by ISIS in Amiriyat al-Fallujah, Iraq, which was attributed to ISIS.

It’s important to recognize the peaceful contribution to the world Islam has brought since its militants first invaded countries outside of Saudi Arabia in the mid-7th century. Here is a list of peaceful acts committed this week alone, by Islamists, as listed by

This past week alone:

September 17, 2016: Islamists beheaded a man like a sheep for Eid, depicted on an ISIS video, in Iraq.

September 17, 2016Muslim ‘insurgents’ murdered a 71-year-old Buddhist in front of his home in Thailand.

September 18, 2016: Islamist knife attack at Crossroads St. Cloud Mall, Minnesota.

September 18, 2016Four suicide bombers murdered eighteen sleeping soldiers at an army base in India. 

September 18, 2016: Islamists set off bomb in a trashcan injuring 24 people in New York City.

September 18, 2016: Islamists murder eight Christians standing outside a church, riddling them with bullets in Nigeria.

September 19, 2016:  A Palestinian terrorists stabs a female border guard in the neck, in Israel.

September 19, 2016: Pipe bombs placed by Islamists are thwarted by law enforcement at train stops in New Jersey.

September 20, 2016: ISIS disassembles three children with an IED, in Syria.

How is it that such a peaceful group continues to commit such violence across the globe against all non-Muslims?

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