Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal [Watch the Full Documentary]

This documentary highlights the numerous scandals Hillary and Bill Clinton were involved in, primarily focusing on the investigations of her complicity.

Travelgate: Hillary was at the center of five investigations and gave false statements in her sworn testimony.

Vince Foster’s death: Hillary was allegedly involved in removing documents and evidence, and perhaps more.

HillaryCare: Her national plan for healthcare was shrouded with secrecy, and more.

Whitewater Investigation: Clintons’ fraudulent real estate venture, in which documents were lost and stolen, were also related to Vince Foster; 15 Clinton friends and associates were convicted of 40 federal crimes.

Cattlegate: Hillary’s “investments” resulted in a brokerage firm paying the largest fines for fraud violations in the Exchange’s history.

Filegate: Clintons illegally requested and received 900 FBI files on Republican officials.

Clinton Legal Defense Fund: A method was developed to have their friends pay most of their legal fees.

Chinagate: The Justice Department investigated Clinton’s campaign finance abuse related to U.S.- China policies.

IRS Abuses: The Clintons used the IRS in the same way Obama has to target Republicans and conservatives.

Pardongate: Bill Clinton pardoned 450 people who were convicted for crimes ranging from cocaine trafficking to kidnapping and terrorism.

FALN Terrorists: The Clintons negotiated with Puerto Rico for election support in exchange for lesser punishment for the Puerto Rican terrorists who attacked New York City and Chicago.

U.S. Senate Clinton Candidate Campaign Finance Investigation: Clinton’s U.S. Senate fundraising event was the largest case of election fraud in history; Clinton accepted money from a known felon, and misreported roughly 1 million she received in donations.

As a U.S. Senator, she was in office for seven years and only introduced three bills– one which named the Post Office. She also broke numerous rules related to conflict of interest while in the Senate.

In her 2008 presidential run, Hillary’s bundlers pled guilty to conspiracy and campaign finance fraud.

As Secretary of State she lost SIX BILLION dollars, which the State Department could never find. Numerous cover-ups occurred under her tenure, including the murder of four Americans in Benghazi, which she also covered up through a widespread media campaign.

The Clinton Foundation’s financial profit was directly linked to State Department contracts. Hillary went from being “so broke” to netting over $150 million.

And the numerous women abused by Bill, whom she blamed and maligned over the last thirty years.

After all of this, how has Hillary not gone to prison?


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