Houston’s “All Gender Bathrooms” Discriminate Against Everyone

A recent trip to a doctor’s office in Houston, Texas, presented a heterosexual female with a conundrum. She asked where the bathroom was, and the receptionist told her down the hall. There were two bathrooms on either side of the hall, with the same signs and interior. Her choice was to use an “All Gender Restroom” along with heterosexual, homosexual, transgender, intersex, bisexual, and lesbian users, trans-species, or none at all.

She entered when the bathroom was empty, but she exited her stall to run right into a man using the urinal. A non-transgender man.

Both of their right to privacy was violated. Both of their choices were eliminated.

What about her choice to protect her body? What about his?

She could have easily taken a picture of his penis. Just recently someone was caught running out of a Target after harassing a woman. There are over 24 recent examples of the transgender bathroom policy harming women and children.

And women and children are not alone. What about protecting little boys?

What’s to stop a predator from exposing himself or abusing a child or teenager in a stall?

What about this woman’s right to choose to express her own gender as a heterosexual female?

In essence, this ludicrous bathroom policy prevents all heterosexual men and women and children from exercising their right to privacy, which is protected by the Fourteenth Amendment’s Due Process Clause.

The 99.99 percent of heterosexuals who do not want to intermix with the opposite sex while they are sitting on the toilet are discriminated against– and not because of any transgender nonsense. Transgender people, which is a misnomer that actually hurts people suffering from gender dysphoria, represent less than half of one percent of the population in America. Less than half than one percent.

The 99.99 percent of men who would prefer for strangers to not see them using a urinal, or the parents who would like their minor children to not be exposed to a man’s private parts, are completely disregarded and discriminated against.

A woman’s right to privacy on the toilet is no longer allowed.

A man’s right to privacy at a urinal is no longer allowed.

Children, who can easily be abducted, kidnapped, or trafficked, are often targeted while alone– in bathrooms, in stores, in areas where there are no video cameras.

If bathrooms can be open to anyone at any time, then so also should there be security guards and cameras in every bathroom to prevent and hopefully minimize a crime being committed.

And, if everyone can express themselves however they want, does this mean that everyone is now disabled and can apply for disability benefits? Are all genders now handicapped? The signs seems to indicate that. But it also welcomes pedophiles who advocate that their expression is normal. And it also welcomes niblings and transpas.

Same with a man wearing a wig.

Or a woman who identifies as a cat. 

Perhaps the next time she uses a bathroom in Houston she should bring her cat with her. And a camera. Or even a gun.

At least in Houston, open and concealed carry is legal.

As is insanity at every level.

This article was first published on May 24, 2016.

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