If Jeb Bush Can’t Get His Domain Names Right, Ummm …

Who and why does anyone continue to fund and/or support Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign when he and/or his staff never thought about securing his name online? What presidential candidate doesn’t register his own domain name?

A simple search for Jeb Bush’s campaign or Jeb Bush, results in sites that are already taken—and not by Bush. The domain name, JebBush.com, for example, automatically redirects to DonaldJTrump.com.

Apparently JebBush.com is registered to Fabulous.com Pty Ltd.


(Screen grab from Whois.net)

On DonaldJTrump.com, the headlines vary, from, “Trump Wins by Wide Margin, Bush Dead Last” to “The Last Thing We Need Is Another Bush.” According to the Associated Press, a Trump spokesperson claimed his campaign staff was “not involved.”

But– how does a presidential candidate fail to register his own domain name?

Consider these:

JebBushForPresident.com is a domain already owned by a homosexual couple, CJ and Charlie from Oregon.

The domain, JebBushForPresident.net, displays a large bold “NOT!” on its banner. Front and center is an image of Jeb and his brother George W., with a caption that reads: “Jeb Bush 2016, What could go wrong?”

(Screen grab of JebBushForPresident.net)

(Screen grab of JebBushForPresident.net)

The site also lists examples of Jeb’s non-conservative policies and describes him as a “radical social liberal.”

There’s also jebbush.co, which links to a jpeg image of George W. Bush standing at a podium on the deck of a Navy battleship with the infamous “Mission Accomplished” banner behind him.

Not to mention, jebbush.us, which makes a case against George W. Bush. See the screen shot below:


Then, there’s the shortened URL jebbu.sh, which redirects to a site owned by a progressive research and communications organization, American Bridge 21st Century (a super PAC). Its mission is to hold:

Republicans accountable for their words and actions” to help voters “ascertain when Republican candidates are pretending to be something they’re not.

“We understand the frustration you feel with elected officials who campaign on one set of principles but govern by another, because we feel it too. We believe you deserve better than that. We think our elected officials should have one set of principles, not one for each set of special interests they represent.”

Obviously, Jeb Bush, the PAC maintains, expresses a different set of principles depending on the audience of special interests to whom he is beholden.

If these aren’t enough– the sites, jebbush.net and jebbush.org, both redirect to sponsored advertisement listings “for goods and services related to Jebbush.net,” including home rentals and medical alarms.

Bush’s failure to secure the .com address for his own name is a noteworthy oversight that begs the question:

If Jeb Bush and his campaign, with its multi-million dollar budget, can’t manage his own name, how on earth would he successfully oversee any government program let alone America’s armed forces?

February 16, 2016

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