“Impure as Dogs” Christians Being Persecuted in Germany’s Migrant Shelters

Muslim migrants in Germany continue to threaten Christians with death.

German Bundestag (Parliament) member Erika Steinbach and Iranian-born now converted Christian pastor, Mahin Mousapour, argue that stronger sanctions are needed for the ongoing abuse Christians refugees in Germany are suffering because of Muslim persecution.

Mousapour converted to Christianity more than 25 years ago and warns that today Muslims in Germany are harassing Christians living in refugee/migrant housing, telling them “they are ‘impure as a dog’ and deserved death for rejecting Islam.”

At a recent press conference she exposed the violence, harassment, and death threats Muslims have been creating for Christians living in migrant lodgings. She says (English translation):

Many Muslim asylum seekers call all Christians unclean. Church services are held in secret, bibles and crucifixes have to be hidden. Toys of Christian children are being destroyed, Christian asylum seekers are told not only to wash their dishes after eating but also that they must clean the entire kitchen as it would otherwise be ‘unclean.’”

But it’s not just Christians who live in shelters who are experiencing this. Mousapour, a pastor of the Evangelical Free Church, was threatened by a Muslim at knifepoint on the street.

In the tent town near Bielefeld in the North Rhine-Westphalia region 14 young Iranian Christians were threatened with death unless they abandoned their faith. They were persecuted in their homeland, fled to Germany, and now are experiencing persecution there as well. “This is shameful,” both Mousapour and Steinbach argue. “It cannot be that refugees come to Germany because of persecution for their faith and we do not protect them here.”

Erika Steinbach is a member of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), (the largest parliamentary group with 310 seats out of 630) who stated that these anti-Christian hate crimes are “horrific attacks on our fundamental values and our Constitution. If we do nothing about it we will lose our foundations in this country.”

Steinbach argues that Muslims who attack or insult Christians because of their faith should be deported.

A popular member of parliament and vocal critic of Angela Merkel’s open border policies, Steinbach suggests that the European Union also set up refugee camps outside of its external borders.

Mousapour adds that a “misconceived tolerance” caused Germany to become “overly respectful” of Islam, pointing to recent arrangements made for Ramadan, which proved “disastrous.” (For one entire month, migrants shelters in Germany catered specifically to Muslim dietary and eating schedules; Christians were only given left overs to eat. Eating before sunrise, then staying up very late to wait for left overs after dinner, which was served in the late evening.)

Steinbach adds that “all German domestic politicians recognize the danger, but no one dares approach the subject.” Again, politicians are putting political welfare above the safety of their own citizens and of the Christians fleeing persecution seeking safety in Germany.

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