INCREDIBLE: German ISIS Fighter Wears Ray-Bans, Smiles, Gives Peace Sign in Court

This German “ISIS fighter” was previously arrested and released from jail, now in court again, he smirks and wears Ray-Ban sunglasses flashing a peace sign.

The German Newspaper Bild reports that 30-year-old Abdelkarim El B allegedly fought with ISIS in Syria in 2013 and filmed himself cutting off the ears and nose off of an enemy fighter’s corpse near Aleppo, and fired shots into the severed head.

He and others reportedly kicked the head around like a soccer ball, The Daily Mail reports.

He was charged on August 22, 2016 in the Oberlandgericht courthouse with “breaches of humanitarian and weapons laws” and “membership of a terrorist group.”

The Bild’s headline photos of the first day of trial show Abdelkarim grinning and smirking as he walked into court, flashing a peace sign. He was also wearing Ray-Bans sunglasses and a checkered shirt and cardigan.

This is not Abdelkarim first time in court.

He was arrested in February 2014 after he left the fighting in Syria for Turkey. He was released one year later from Turkey and returned to Germany, where he was arrested again in February 2015.

The question for the German court is will Abdelkarim be sentenced for life, receive the death penalty, or be released again so that he can continue his soccer-killing spree?

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