INCREDIBLY ILLEGAL: How is an Islamist Married to Her Biological Brother Still Running for Office in Minneapolis? [video]

Officials in Minneapolis don’t seem to care about the law. Incest is still illegal in Minnesota. So why the government deliberately not investigating Ihan Omar‘s marriage to her biological brother?

Fox 9 reported in August that U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger sent a letter to the Omar campaign, all but stating that his office will not investigate the matter.

But local Somalians who speaking out against her are being threatened with violence– no one is doing anything about that either. Alpha News reports they are “afraid to speak publicly about their disapproval of a candidate’s involvement in apparent fraudulent marriages.”

The Somalian woman who won a recent primary in Minneapolis, Wisconsin, Ihan Omar, is not being investigated for her alleged marriage to a man who does not exist, and to her actual legal marriage to her biological brother, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, in 2009. He was apparently seeking asylum from the oppressive regime of the United Kingdom (not Somalia).

One source from inside the Somali Community agreed to speak to Alpha News on condition of anonymity. The source stated that Somalians in Omar’s neighborhood

are being silenced through intimidation tactics and threats of physical violence on themselves and their families still back home in Somalia.”

Ihan Omar‘s “campaign muscle,” Gulaad Hashi, who is also running for office in Somalia while living in Minneapolis,

serves as [Omar’s] muscle in the Somali community and has been leading a witch hunt to out ‘the snitch’ in the community. He has used everything from intimidation to threats to silence community members from speaking out about this, which is why no Somali has publicly come forward to state what we all know to be true.”

Alpha News obtained a video posted on Facebook that recorded Farhio Khalif Jordan, the Associate Chair of the Somali-American Caucus, warning the Somali community, saying,

any Somali who opposes Ilhan Omar or talks about her personal life, including her marriage discrepancies, is turning on the Somali community and is an enemy of it.”

Another source said:

I very much doubt any Somali will publicly come forward and speak about this story not only because of the repercussions they could face here in Minneapolis, but also because of the potential harm doing so could bring to their loved ones in Somalia. There is no rule of law there and the risk posed by blow back from this is too high. It is no coincidence that this was first exposed on an anonymous Somali forum.”

The question that remains is how does a Somali woman married to her brother whose campaign officer is running for office in Somalia get elected to run to become a member of the Minnesota state legislature?

What insanity exists that the U.S. Attorney won’t investigate her?

Perhaps these voters can shed some light:

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