Iran’s Public Policy: Exterminating Dogs with Acid Injections, Confiscating Dogs from Owners

Because of public policy in Iran, which enforces Shari’a law, dogs are being confiscated from their owners and being killed regularly with acid injections. Dogs are “haram” in Islam, and considered part of “vulgar Western culture.” (Although an exception for service dogs is permitted. Sadly, even this exception did not stop a Kuwaiti company from killing American service dogs.)

According to ExtremismAlert, in the Fars Province of Iran, municipal contractors were hired to exterminate “street animals” using toxic injections. At roughly $4 per shot, mostly dogs are injected with chemicals that burn their organs while they scream and howl in excruciating pain.

Animal Right Activist, Albert Ebrahimzadeh, who has been protesting against this initiative, has reported on the painful and prolonged death being administered to dogs.


Ebrahimzadeh explains that the dogs are forced to the ground and held with poles while another person injects the dog from behind. As soon as the acid is injected it starts burning through the dog’s body. He says:

Its heart wrenching screams fall on deaf ears. The dog whimpers in pain for what seems like an eternity. A small puppy walks to the dying dog looking for comfort. His freedom does not last long as he is grabbed and injected as well.”


In the U.K., an Islamic campaign begun to ban dogs from being in public. The same has already been implemented in Spain, despite public policy against killing stray dogs.

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