ISIS Mentions Next Target: ‘London Falling’ [video]

“Fight Them; Allah Will Punish Them by Your Hands,” is the latest video released by ISIS‘s Alwa’ad media. It compiles footage of terrorist attacks in New York, Paris and Brussels, then warns, London is next.

ISIS specifically targets Christians to murder them; and secular Christian cities for destruction. ISIS calls Christians, “People of the Cross,” and non-Islamic-controlled countries, “nations of the cross.”

The voiceover states:

Nations of the cross, this message is for you. Know that your options are few, either you join Islam, or pay tribute, or freeze the war.

“If it was Paris yesterday… tomorrow it will be London, or Berlin, or Rome.”

It’s important to understand who ISIS repeatedly threatens to kill: the kuffar, who are non-believers who reject Islam.


April 13, 2016

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