Islamic Lawfare: Comply — or — Die

Islam is the greatest, clearest threat to the American way of life protected by the U.S. Constitution.

To clarify: Islam is not a religion and it is not peaceful. It demands compliance or death.

Islam is a totalitarian political system, usually introduced into western countries through three phases. The first phase introduces Islam as “tolerant” and peaceful, intentionally deceiving westerners, using “taqqiya,” Qur’an- sanctioned deceit.

The second phase uses “lawfare” to destroy a country from within using its own laws. And, by the time the third phase is implemented “no-go zones” and violence has increased astronomically. 

All phases of Islam incorporate and regulate religious, political, legal, and social norms, through judicial, militia, and/or military means under Shari’a law.

Phase Two, known as “Defensive Jihad” or “Civilization Jihad,” occurs when an immigrant population reaches between 10 and 20 percent of the population. It also mirrors the time in Muhammad’s life when he formed alliances with groups outside of Mecca and began fighting non-believers who rejected Islam (22:39,40). His experiences are reflected in the shorter chapters of the Qur’an, located towards the back. These texts supersede earlier transcribed texts, according to the Islamic doctrine of abrogation.

While Muslim immigrants become a majority in a neighborhood, city, or region they lay the groundwork to eliminate existing western laws. In America, to eliminate constitutionally protected rights– using the Constitution– to destroy it under the guise of “Shari’a compliance.”

This is accomplished by de-legitimizing existing laws, redefining legal terms related to human rights, and silencing and punishing free speech through “lawfare,” via lawsuits and dissemination of false and/or misinformation.

The Center for Security Policy recently reported that,

in 32 states, 146 cases existed where litigants sought to resolve a dispute applying Shari’a law instead of state law. In 2011, it discovered that in 23 states, American courts applied Shari’a law to rulings that infringed the constitutional rights of women and/or children.

Yet, state legislative bodies continue to approve anti-Constitutional measures. Consider the State of Michigan.

Michigan’s Taylor City Council unanimously approved a resolution supporting a campaign for Shari’a under the guise of “hate based on religion.” Its transit authority, SMART, banned “Leaving Islam?” bus ads designed to help Muslim girls (American citizens) who were being targeted, threatened and killed—on American soil— by Islamists implementing Shari’a apostasy and blasphemy laws.

In Dearborn, “protesters” asserted that their Constitutionally protected “civil rights” allowed them to stone Christians; and to use their own de facto legal system (Islamic tribunals) instead of state law or the Constitution itself. Islamists also successfully and intentionally censor media coverage while promoting shari’a on public school property—without legal repercussions—despite their ongoing intimidation and discrimination tactics.

Nationwide, Jew hatred on American college campuses is rampant. Islamic ideology in propagated throughout Gulen Charter Schools, public schools through Common Core, and in Magnate schools, such as Arabic Immersion schools, which teach even kindergarteners about 50 percent of the time in Arabic and about “Middle Eastern culture.”

Islamists have successfully permeated American laws, evidenced by the:

  • Increased number of honor killings being committed in America of young girls for being “too American” or for refusing to participate in arranged marriages;
  • Dismissive response given by Islamists for individuals who behead their coworkers(“random isolated events”), or attack American soldiers on U.S. military bases (“workplace violence”); and
  • Bullying of children by teachers and administrators who “punish” and shame them because they refuse to be indoctrinated about Islam in their public school.

Lawfare is only one of many approaches being used to infiltrate and transform every area of society with Islamic ideology. Phase Two involves:

Phase Two clarifies a simple fact: Islam encompasses every area of life rooted in Shari’a—for the worse. Shari’a offers only two choices, which are completely antithetical to the American way of life: submit to Islam or be killed.

October 29, 2015

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