Islamic World, Saudis’ Discriminatory, Anti-Semitic, Sexist, Racist, Bigoted Policies Include Dwarf-Tossing

Consider the tolerant policies of Islamic controlled countries that embrace diversity. For example, America’s “great” ally, Saudi Arabia, which Chairs the United Nation’s (U.N.) Human Rights Council, is one of the greatest human rights violators against women and homosexuals.

Saudi Arabia also hates Jews. Its government attempted to bar all Jews from entrance but couldn’t once it recognized that several high-ranking American diplomats are Jewish. It also does not recognize Israel as a country and prohibits Israelis from stepping foot in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is not alone in banning Israelis from entering its country. No Israeli can travel to and enter: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Brunei, Oman, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia, and the UAE.

It’s not just Jews, however. Christians can’t practice their faith in Saudi Arabia. In fact, no one can, other than Islam. Saudi Arabia prohibits all churches, temples and synagogues from existing in its country. All non-Islamic religious books including Christian and Jewish literature are confiscated at the border.

Besides prohibiting women from driving, non-Muslims are prohibited from driving on certain public highways. Even Saudi roads discriminate.

Despite all of this, on Friday, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal demanded via Twitter that Donald Trump quit the GOP presidential bid because of his proposed moratorium on Muslim immigration.

Trump responded by asking if the Saudis have taken in any Syrian refugees. They have not. Neither have any of the wealthy governments of Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, or Bahrain taken in a single refugee.

But the question Donald Trump should really ask the Saudis, is to explain how they are not racist, bigoted, discriminatory, misogynists when they legally penalize people based on nationality, sex, gender orientation, religion, and race. Public executions of homosexuals wouldn’t go over well in America, but they occur in Saudi Arabia.

Another question to ask the Saudis and other Islamists is to explain their vocal anti-Semitic rhetoric and discriminatory practices towards Jews and Christians who are selectively excluded and persecuted in every Islamic country– not as an exception, but as the rule.

Further still, why are there refugees fleeing Islamic controlled regions in the first place? Why are Christians and Yazidis running for their lives? How is “peaceful” Islam helping the people ISIS is decimating?

Or perhaps the Saudis could explain their discriminatory treatment of dwarfs. According to a 2012 Business Insider report, Prince Alwaleed enjoys dwarf-tossing. Although a more recent Vanity Fair article tried to downplay this fact:

The source was a former American employee of Alwaleed’s (who was also a friend of Alwaleed’s 35-year-old son, Khaled). The prince’s defenders hastened to put it all into context: dwarves are outcasts in Saudi Arabia; when they come begging, Alwaleed, in his great beneficence, hires them to be a roving band of court jesters, thus instilling in them “a work ethic, and you really can’t fault that.” In Saudi Arabia the wealthy think it is lucky to have dwarves around, and the dwarves enjoy it, “kind of like a circus situation.” When they are pressed into service as human projectiles, there are pillows to catch them. Pillows are obviously moot, however, when Alwaleed has the dwarves dive for $100 bills in bonfires, as the Business Insider story also alleged. Talk about occupational hazards! “It’s all lies,” Alwaleed told me emphatically during our first meeting at the Plaza hotel, in February 2012. He said the story was taken down “the next day,” although it still lives online.

And the online stories are telling.

Joe Newby of contributed to this article.

H/T Ilya Meyer, The Times of Israel

December 14, 2015

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