Kuwait National Petroleum Company Killed Dozens of U.S. K9 Service Dogs

Last week, news reports surfaced from several outlets that dozens of U.S. service bomb-sniffing dogs were killed by employees of “Eastern Securities” after its contract with the Kuwait National Petroleum Company was cancelled. U.S. Military Special Ops veterans reported:

Eastern Securities or E Sec was awarded a contract with Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) to provide explosive detection dogs for their oil rigs. When KNPC canceled the contract with Eastern Securities, they were left with 140+ dogs that no longer had a job and were costing them money to feed and house them. Instead of being responsible with the working dogs and finding them homes, Eastern Securities chose the most cost-effective way of dealing with the unemployed working dogs, euthanasia. It is unknown at this time exactly how the dogs were killed or even if the remaining 90 are still alive.


My Cats And Dogs in Kuwait, a nonprofit dedicated to helping stray animals also posted images of the dead K9s on social media. And, the photos of roughly 24 K9s killed went viral after the Kuwait Animal Rescue Unit posted on Instagram:

kuwait dogs

Missy Skye, the founder of My Cats and Dogs in Kuwait, posted on Facebook:

God bless USA, soldiers, and MWDs.

On 6.17.2916, an American contracting company, Eastern Securities in Kuwait killed 24 explosive detection US CWDs (and thrown out in the desert all piled up just to be rotted in the hot sun) upon losing a contract with Kuwait National Petroleum Company. There are still 91 dogs left in the compound, and they aren’t being cared for properly. My fellow animal rescuer and a business reporter at Al Qabas Newspapers, Mimi Maamoun, had filed a complaint with the police and had numerous meetings with American Embassy along with many local govt agencies in an attempt to release the dogs. I have a 501(c)3 US based animal rescue org. and have been working with her since the day of atrocity. Whether they’re MWD or CWD, they are dogs and the US dogs trained here, sold to the company, working night and day. They’re loyal, innocent, and voiceless dogs, and the Palestinian, US passport holder CEO ordered those dogs to be brutally murdered! Please help us release the 91 remaining dogs.

I sent an email to Fox News DC, but they didn’t even reply.

(This isn’t an update. I made this comment on the attached photo posted by Fox News a little while ago. I just copied and pasted it on my post. I thought the post was very relevant to what we are dealing with right now)

Fox News's photo.

Photo of the Day: Cpl. Suzette Clemans and Denny, her patrol explosive detection dog, protect and serve at U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. ‪#‎ProudAmerican‬

Of course, KNPC denied that it had anything to do with the K9 killings — and did confirm that 24 dogs were killed. It claimed that a rival company killed the dogs as a form of “sabotage.” Bill Baisey, CEO of Eastern Solutions Group, the parent company of Eastern Securities stated:

On June 17, 2016, Eastern Securities, one of the premier private contractors providing K-9 security in Kuwait and other Middle East countries, found out, via a social media post, that 24 of its dogs had been killed.  In what is developing into a case of corporate sabotage, a veterinarian technician, who worked for the agency where Eastern Securities leases its kennels, went to the kennels in the middle of the night, euthanized 24 dogs, photographed and sent pictures to a competitor of Eastern Securities, that have been since been leaked on the internet.  Eastern Securities immediately launched an investigation and during the interrogation of both the veterinarian technician and the K-9 manager, an admission was made that Eastern Securities had nothing to do with the killing of the dogs.  Criminal charges were filed against this depraved killer, who put down the dogs and an investigation continues to ascertain and bring to justice the names of additional culprits that helped commit this heinous crime.

“Eastern Securities has spent years building a reputation as one of the best providers of K-9 security in the Middle East.  It is the reason government agencies and top corporations trust us.  Taking care of our animals has always been and will always be one of our top priorities.  To be targeted by our competitors in such a vile and ruthless manner is a despicable display of greed.  We are asking that this case be prosecuted to the fullest extent and are working with the Kuwaiti government to ensure those responsible are held accountable and something this horrific never happens again.  We will not stop until all those involved are brought to justice.”

However, local animal rights activist, Mimi Mamoun, told the Kuwait Times that:

Last week, reports on social media suggested that at least 24 dogs had been euthanatized due to the cancellation of a contract and unpaid salaries. Unconfirmed sources said that the animals were sick and had been put to death for humane reasons. But local animal rescuer and activist, Mimi Mamoun has disputed this account. “The dogs were not sick, only two, three I heard; in fact my Filipino friend who handles the dogs told me that the dogs were healthy and only a few of them were old but they killed them to punished the handlers who has filed complaints at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor (shoun) for nonpayment of salaries.”

Apparently, it later came out that a veterinarian technician who worked at the kennels where E Sec leased space killed the 24 dogs in the middle of the night. Pictures of the dogs being killed were sent to E Sec’s competitors. Apparently, the veterinarian technician’s acts were premeditated and is “under investigation” by the Kuwaiti government. Criminal charges against the technician were filed.

Did the technician kill them for sabotage? Or because of Islamic teachings about dogs?

July 13, 2016

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