Latinos United for Trump Are INSPIRATIONAL !!! [video]

These Latinos, who are legal American citizens and patriots, love America and brilliantly expose the Left’s lies about them and people in general.

“We pledge allegiance to this flag. This is not about race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other false label. We will not tolerate as Americans the language that the Democrats use amongst their leadership in reference to Hispanics.”

One Latina prays for God to keep Donald Trump and his supporters safe from harm.

One man recalls his experience of becoming a U.S. citizen– legally. He says everyone there was proud to take the Oath of Citizenship, “we had tears in our eyes,” he says, because, “we were grateful for what America has afforded us.”

The video displays emails released from the Democratic National Committee referring to Hispanics as “taco bowls” of which Latinos United for Trump say they will not tolerate. Looking into the camera, one Latino says,

“You, the Left are symbols of fascism. We, Trump supporters are united as one, regardless of race, are the symbols of democracy and true freedom.”


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