Meet Bulgaria’s Vigilante: Dinko “The Destroyer,” Stops Refugees with Bare Hands

Dinko Valev, known as “The Destroyer,” lives in Yambol, Bulgaria, near the Turkish border. He’s making headlines for successfully deterring migrants from illegally entering his country, helping an already overtaxed Bulgarian border patrol.

Over the last few months Dinko arrested 20 people and held them for police.

Bulgarian TV News online reports how unique and effective Dinko’s citizen’s arrests are. He patrols his property and surrounding areas along the Bulgarian-Turkish border on his ATV, jumps off, tackles migrants to the ground, and restrains them until police arrive.

Sometimes Dinko tells Bulgarian TV, “An hour and a half I am standing as a guard over them to keep them safely to stand on the ground.”

The English translation describes his perspective about these illegal migrants. He says:

I hit him and he fell to the ground and began to cry ‘Allah Malla’.

“They are very aggressive these people. They have nothing to lose and have forsaken everything.”

He hopes to create a volunteer group comprised of other citizens willing to defend Bulgaria and patrol its borders. He suggests that the volunteers be paid roughly 50 lev per person they are able to detain ($28).

Dinko says he’d give however much he receives to an orphanage. Capturing the illegal immigrants is enough of a reward for him. Clearly Dinko’s found a way to combine extreme sports with capturing migrants to defend his country. And he says it’s a serious matter.

Bulgarian TV states that “the influx of illegals increases.” Border monitoring Bulgaria, a site that reports information about illegal migrants, states that illegals detained at the Bulgarian/Turkish border have increased by 73 percent.

In 2015, they detained 10,406 illegal migrants along this border. In the same timeframe, they detained 467 at its Greek border, an increase of 43 percent. More than half of the illegal migrants come from Syria, followed by Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Foreign nationals who illegally enter Bulgaria come from the same countries, with nearly the same breakdown. Last year, they totaled nearly 5,000.

Additionally, illegals who’ve already arrived, and try to illegally leave Bulgaria for another country, is almost as voluminous. In 2014, Bulgarian authorities detained nearly 12,000.

Bulgaria also returned 700 migrants illegible for “refugee status,” as part of its cooperation with the EU’s “resettlement quota mechanism.”

In January of this year, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov demanded that the EU’s external borders be closed because of the ongoing migrant crisis.

March 5, 2016

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