New York Legislators Want Illegals to Vote, Teach in Public Schools, Need Lesson on Constitution

As if New York City Democrats pushing to allow illegal aliens to vote wasn’t enough insanity, now the New York State Board of Regents wants illegals to teach in public schools. It recently announced it will allow illegals to receive teaching certifications.

Perhaps their first lesson should include learning the federal law about “improper entry” into America.

The Press & Sun Bulletin reports:

Undocumented immigrants in New York will be able to apply for teacher certifications and professional licenses, the state Board of Regents said.

The board that oversee education policies in New York voted Wednesday to allow people who can’t get legal residency because of their parents’ immigration status to seek teacher certifications. They will also be able to apply for a license from among the 53 professions overseen by the state Education Department, including a variety of medical professions.

“These are young people who came to the U.S. as children,” state Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia said in a statement. “They are American in every way but immigration status. They’ve done everything right.  They’ve worked hard in school, some have even served in the military, but when it’s time to apply for a license, they’re told ‘Stop. That’s far enough.’  We shouldn’t close the door on their dreams.”

Commissioner Elia cited Eric Holder’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) for the decision. However, her citation was inaccurate– it was a result of another Obama executive order. The executive order stipulates that individuals who illegally entered the U.S. as children may request consideration of “deferred immigration action” if they meet certain criteria.

DACA has faced numerous legal hurdles nationwide, including 25 states that sued the federal government.

In December, 2014, Texas and 25 states, filed a lawsuit in the  Southern District Court of Texas in order to block executive action on illegal immigrant status, which included DACA. The primary concern was a federal unfunded mandate — the states were burdened with untenable financial costs associated with giving legal status to illegal aliens.

Additionally, the states rejected overreaching executive power, Obama and the Justice Department’s failure to adhere to rule-making procedures, and state’s rights grounded in the Tenth Amendment— stipulating legal standing. The states have a constitutional right to challenge federal immigration policies.

On February 16, 2015, Judge Andrew Hanen issued a temporary injunction blocking these executive actions. One week later, the Department of Justice asked Judge Hanen to lift his injunction, while it appealed the ruling to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, Louisiana. The request was denied.

On May 26, 2015, the 5th Circuit turned down the Department of Justice’s appeal, leaving Judge Hanen’s injunction in place.

Perhaps Elia, and the Board of Regents should study history and judiciary process– the Department of Justice and the Office of the President don’t trump the Constitution. 

February 28, 2016

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