Norwegians are Outraged by Media Calling Afghan Refugees “Children” [Photos]

Norwegian press recently reported on a trip that 51 “boys” from an asylum center took to a famous park in Oslo. Along with the story was photographs of the boys. When the public saw the photos they reacted on social media, expressing their anger about asylum seekers described as children who are obviously not children.


Some commenters expressed anger towards Norwegian authorities for letting non-children into their country, and criticized journalists for referring to the men as boys, condemning them for their lack of ethics and integrity.

One commenter posted: “Is the journalist blind?”

Another asks how did these men remember to pack their traditional Afghani clothes to bring to Norway but forget to bring any identification papers.

Still others posted:

Taxpayers money is being used to nourish this deception, how cannot everybody see that?”

“Some of them show the ISIS-sign with a finger in the air, we are so going to regret this.”

Sadly, Norwegian officials aren’t listening to their own people who oppose the government’s asylum plan.

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