Olympic Boxer Arrested for Attempted Rape of Two Women … Guess Where He’s From

In early August, 2016, Moroccan boxer Hassan Saada was arrested after “attempting to rape two chambermaids in the Olympic Village” in Brazil. He was detained under a temporary warrant, which is valid for 15 days. He denied any wrongdoing to the local police and was not released for his scheduled fight, which he lost by default.

Ironically– according to Le Matin, Morocco, Saada and two other Moroccan competitors threatened not to even go to the 2016 Olympics so they could get a bigger payout.

And, the light-heavyweight boxer, according to the International Boxing Association was a “newcomer to the international scene’” who had only won “two youth titles in Morocco.” Further still, The Daily Mail reported that Saada wasn’t expected to come close to medalling in the Olympics.

So why was Saada at the Olympic Games at all? To represent his country by allegedly attempting to rape two Brazilian maids?

Saada remains in Brazilian custody even though he has not been “formally arrested” on charges. He was held for “interrogation sessions.”

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