Pharell Williams’ “Happy” Unveils Truth About Islam [videos]

In the U.K., a British Muslim grassroots movement, The Honesty Policy, tried to downplay “negative stereotypes” about Islamists living in the U.K. In 2014, the group released a four-minute video, Happy British Muslims. Since then its received over 2 million views.

In the video, young and old, men and women (some wearing headscarves, others without) are smiling, laughing, dancing, and singing to American singer, songwriter, and producer, Pharell Williams’, hit song, “Happy.” The dancing Muslims are Arab, Asian, Persian, Turkish, and possibly British, of varying skin colors and ethnicity, to reflect Islam’s “multicultural” nature.

The Honesty Policy describes itself as a “group of young and curious Muslims saying what you’re thinking. Honestly.” The video was created to depict British Muslims as “happy, eclectic, cosmopolitan, diverse, creative, fun and outgoing,” like any other Brit.

Interestingly, Islamists called the video for what it was: not honest at all. In fact, they called it “misguided,” “Satanic,” and “haram” (Arabic for “forbidden” or “unlawful”). According to Shari’a law, the video violates its basic principles– women dancing and singing in public– is strictly forbidden. As is intermixing with non-Muslims.

In response, another video was posted on YouTube, Response to the Honesty Policy, which clarifies that the “Happy British Muslims” are “sell-outs.” A young Muslim woman moderator explains:

If you look beyond the dancing, the music and the downright ridiculous attempt to look cool, all you have is a bad PR stunt to promote integration and for us to embrace the British culture. This video is simply a response to the media and authorities, that after much pressure of trying to create your ‘British Muslims,’ you’ve got us. How exactly? Exhibit A: You have Muslims free-mixing. Exhibit B: You’ve got the music. Exhibit C: the sell-out Muslims, aka the wannabe non-Muslims. Need I say more?

“In essence this pathetic video is diverting the Muslim from fulfilling his obligations towards the ummah [global Muslim community] and working for Islam. … This is a serious matter. … Our sisters have felt the need to compromise Islam and their modesty all for the sake of acceptance. Acceptance should not come at the cost of your honor.

“This video, rather than showing Islam, actually promotes the haram as acceptable and fun. What exactly are you telling the non-Muslims, that you can dance your way to heaven? Let’s be honest. If the prophet [Mohammed] were here today, he would never be preaching like this. As a matter of fact, he would be doing the complete opposite. He would be condemning these actions and speaking out against this evil.”


Six young Iranians were arrested for creating a video to the same song. Unveiled women dancing and smiling on the public streets and rooftops, with men, is a crime.

They were sentenced to up to one year in prison and 91 lashes, their lawyer said.

Their sentences were apparently suspended for three years, which means that they would not actually go to prison until/unless they reoffend.

Iran took down the video from the Internet. The video received over 2 million views. In response, others began making their own videos to the same song. And the original video below continues to be reposted.

Happy in Tehran the sequel, with veils:

What could not be more ironic, is that the British propaganda deceptively portrays such behavior has having no consequences under Islam. There is absolutely no honesty in The Honesty Policy. In fact, its policy is pure fiction.

Iran’s reaction to the video was in line with Shari’a law and Islam. The honest policy of Shari’a is:

No dancing. Women must wear headscarves, and correctly.

Punishment for crimes warrant lashes, and prison time.

The real “Happy” is freedom in the U.S., which allows Pharrell Williams to sing, dance, and produce music. His YouTube video received over 804 million views and was never taken down by the U.S. government.

February 25, 2016

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