Politics is spiritual: Christians responsible for US survival, destruction

Christians believe that God created the Earth and everything in it. He also created three methods for societal order by establishing the government, the family and the church, which altogether sustain right moral living and encourage human flourishing.

God cares about all of his creation, especially government, because without it properly restraining evil and promoting its citizens’ well-being, anarchy and lawlessness will prevail. Society’s natural state is self-serving destruction, which is why Christians are required to impart righteousness in all areas of life.

A state that is righteous honors and protects the life that God creates. Its leaders are primarily concerned with protecting their citizens from threats both foreign and domestic. A righteous state enacts and enforces just laws, promotes economic growth, and peaceful living.

America faces crises of biblical proportion for which Christians are foremost accountable.

As Plato warned, “The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”

Christians have allowed:
• Corrupt leaders to take advantage of an apathetic electorate and commit treasonous acts,
• An entire news industry to not be held accountable for reducing a once-stalwart journalism profession that now distributes propaganda instead of reporting news,
• Citizens’ inalienable God-given religious and individual liberties to be seriously jeopardized,
• America to become increasingly vulnerable to terrorist attacks from within and without our porous borders,
• Our education system to be overrun by harmful bureaucracy, and through Common Core the teaching and rewriting of history that includes Islamic indoctrination, violating the First Amendment.

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