Five-Part Book Series on Christianity and Islam



Many self-identifying Christians, either naïve, misinformed, or deceived, make false claims about Islam as if they were true. Worse still, they actually believe these lies are true. The purpose of this book is to educate, equip, and encourage Christians with accurate information about Islam in order to preserve the liberties afforded by the U.S. Constitution, and to proclaim the truth of the Gospel. Islam is antithetical to both. This book challenges Christians in America to view their Muslim neighbors in a new light, and to wisely and boldly correct the pervasively false information propagated about Islam.




What every American needs to know about the Islamification of America

This book explains the three phases of Islam and the actions Americans can take to thwart them. It surveys the areas of American public policy and culture that the practices of Islamic jihad (dhimmitude, lawfare, and dawah) have successfully transformed, including education, social services, and the judicial system. Unfortunately, the Islamification of America has been underway for several decades. Islamists planted the seeds in 1963 with a strategic goal to slowly transform North America into an Islamic continent. This book challenges Americans to act against a very real and persistent threat that is relentless in its efforts to destroy the freedoms ensured by the U.S. Constitution.


What everyone needs to know about Islam and human rights

The Qur’an provides the basis for Islamic jurisprudence, which legalizes wife abuse, pedophilia, sex trafficking, slavery, and murder, primarily of women and girls. While homosexuals, atheists, Jews, boys, and those committed to protecting the rights of free thought, expression, or speech are also persecuted, this book focuses on women and girls. Despite the fact that Islamic law is incompatible with international human rights laws and U.S. state and federal laws, a deceptive movement exists to present Islam as “progressive” and “beneficial” to women and girls. This book challenges everyone to proactively defend and rescue women and girls from the brutality and institutionalized violence of Islam.


Testimonies of Hope from Ex-Muslims

This book tells ex-Muslims’ stories of bravery, survival, great loss, and hope. They were exiled from their families, a family member placed a fatwa of death on their heads, or they witnessed the murder of a loved one. They were indoctrinated to hate all non-Muslims at a young age, were enrolled in jihad training camps as children, or were so desperate that later in life they attempted suicide. But their lives changed when they met Christians who told them about Jesus, and even more so when they encountered Jesus themselves. Their testimonies are full of hope, strength, and determination to make clear the truth about Islam and to encourage others still suffering under its oppressive yoke.


Admonition from the Persecuted Church

In this book, Christian pastors, leaders, and their congregants admonish Christians worldwide about the reality of Islam they endure on a daily basis. They’ve survived endless persecution and attempted murder. Many have lost their homes, their livelihoods, and their friends and family members. The evidence of their faith is the fruit born out of the love and labor by eighteenth and nineteenth century missionaries who introduced Jesus to generations before them. They persevere, continuing this legacy now, living in hostile Islamic-majority countries, where in some regions churches are growing; in others, they are fighting for survival. This book serves as both a warning and encouragement to Christians in America, concluding the series.