People Of The Cross To Muslims, ISIS: Jesus Saves, Heals, Brings Hope [video]’s video, produced by Rise Media Missionaries, powerfully communicates a translated letter from the People of the Cross to ISIS, for everyone to witness the truthful message about Jesus Christ and what real Christianity is.

The People of the Cross celebrate what the cross signifies: the eternal defeat of brutal, denigrating, state-sponsored terror.

Unlike Muslims who kill because of alleged insults to their prophet Muhammad, Christians celebrate Jesus Christ’s indescribable humiliation, persecution, beating, and death—because he overcame it, for eternity.

People of the Cross don’t riot, burn, loot, or kill after learning that bibles and churches are burned and Christians are murdered. They sing even in jail. “The blood of the martyrs,” as Tertullian said, is still “the seed of church.”

The church does not die even in death—its witness contagiously knows no bounds proclaiming what Christ Crucified actually means–including loving and praying for the very people who seek to kill them.