Sanders Supporters Follow in the Footsteps of the Night of the Long Knives [video]

Much false posturing and comparisons have been made comparing GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. Although nothing could be further from the truth, the irony is that the same people who compare Trump and his supporters to Nazis are actually the very ones behaving the most like the Nazis.

Silencing his political opponents, one historian claims, “was probably the single most significant episode in Hitler’s rise to power.” 

The violent thugs, and loud-mouthed anti-Trump protestors hired by fascists and socialists George Soros, David Brock at Media Matters for America (also funded by Soros), and billionaire Jonathan Lewis, only provided a glimpse into what the streets of Germany were like shortly after Hitler took power.

Not unlike Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Bernie Sanders, Adolf Hitler was the head of the National Socialist German Workers Party. Sanders has been part of the National Socialist Party in America, serving as an Independent in the U.S. Senate, and only now running as a Democrat.

In April, 1932 Adolf Hitler lost the election to become Germany’s Chancellor. His relentless opposition and the burning of the Reichstag building helped ensure another election the following year. But much of the opposition to Hitler was suppressed by the police under Nazi Hermann Goering before the election ever took place. On January 30, 1933 the Nazis won a bare majority and Hitler became Chancellor. Shortly after taking power, Hitler and the Nazis dismantled Germany’s Constitution and most of its citizens’ rights through the Enabling Acts.

And, by June 30, 1934, each of his known political opponents, even potential opponents, was hunted down and killed. The New York Times July 3, 1934 front-page headline read: “HITLER FIRING SQUAD ACTIVE ALL DAY; FATE OF HUNDREDS STILL UNCERTAIN; HINDENBURG PUBLICLY HAILS ‘VICTORY’.”

Like the socialist protestors calling for Trump and his supporters to be killed, or Liberals who demand tolerance of only those who share their views, the Brown Shirts carried out Hitler’s orders to silence his opponents for good.

Known as the “Night of the Long Knives,” a period of only 48 hours, Hitler murdered his way to dictatorship. Waiting and listening by the phone, with pen in hand, Hitler ordered, oversaw, and learned of each murder as it was carried out.

The code word, “kalibri,” (“hummingbird” in German) represented one of the most deadly nights when roughly 85 German citizens and politicians were killed in cold blood.

Free speech, free debate and exchange of opinions, opposing political parties and views, are all protected by the First Amendment. Yet, not all speech is “free speech.”

Hate speech and incitement to violence are not “protected speech.”

But if Soros and his fascist socialist friends have their way, threats will turn to orders, and words to murder. He and his cohort protestors are dangerously close to 1934 Germany.

March 15, 2016

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