Schumer Demands No Guns for U.S. Army, Manufacturers Must Create These

Recently, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) asked the Secretary of the Army, John McHugh, to no longer purchase firearms for soldiers from gun manufacturers that are not actively working on developing “smart guns” or complying with non-existing laws. (Congress has passed no such law related to his demands.)

In short, Schumer is demanding that the U.S. Army, gun manufacturers, and Federal Fire Arm License holders ignore and violate the Second Amendment.

In an official letter Schumer sent to the Army, he lists requirements McHugh should follow prior to purchasing firearms; including:

1) Require bidders on federal gun contracts to provide substantive answers to government queries about their distribution practices and safety technologies, and begin measuring their performance in these areas.

“2) Expand research and development on “smart guns” and other safety technologies and explore the law enforcement and military applications of these technologies.”

Smart guns (theoretically) use biometric readers built into the grips allowing only the gun owners to fire it. The gun is activated and paired with a watch and/or bracelet worn in close proximity, similar to a smart phone and wireless speaker or printer.

By referring to “distribution practices,” Schumer is citing a Democratic-sponsored “Good Neighbor Gun Dealer Act” designed to require gun stores to comply with additional laws not passed by Congress, which violate the Second Amendment.

The “Good Neighbor Gun Dealer Act,” has not and will not pass Congress. However, its language prohibits legal gun manufacturers from receiving equal protection under the law while also limiting free market competition, and, essentially increasing costs for the Army. The law also requires Federal Fire Arm License holders to classify gun buyers under new categories, even prohibiting them from selling guns to those who pass a background check.

Manufacturers would also be required to respond to endless government inquiries about their distribution process and safety technologies, including increased filing of paperwork associated with tracking metrics associated with each provision.

Most problematic is that smart guns don’t work. And the Second Amendment is still law.

Biometric readers have proven unreliable if the owner’s hands are bloody, or if the radio signal is jammed between the gun and watch/bracelet, causing it to not work. Worse still, if the owner is killed and a family member tries to use the gun in self defense, they can’t because their palm prints aren’t on the gun.

Yet, still, Schumer demanded that the U.S. Army not buy $600 million worth of reliable, effectively working firearms needed for its soldiers, in order to impose regulations that don’t exist and violate the Second Amendment. 

November 14, 2015

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