State Department Backed Michigan “Activist” Compares Condemning Jew Stabbing to Defending Animal Rights

Michigan activist Lina Allan, a Palestinian-Jordanian, argues that Muslims who say they prohibit the stabbing of Jews are like people who defend animal rights, “at best.” Her video can be viewed here; it was removed from Facebook.

In it she argues:

The people who say that these stabbings are haram are trying to give the impression that they are sensitive, delicate people, and to create a [singer] Tamer Hosny-style, human-rights atmosphere. Let me tell you that at best, you are representing animal rights – not human rights, but at best, animal rights. Let me tell you, even animals would not object to this if they could talk.”

It’s worth watching even though it was posted last year because she explains the difference between Muslims “in name only” and Muslims who follow the Qur’an. Those who claim they’re against Palestinians stabbing Jews, are the former.

She says such people don’t know what they are talking about and should “go back to watching Turkish soap operas.”

In 2011, Allan co-founded the Jordanian “Step & Mile” nongovernmental organization.

In 2012, she represented the State Department’s U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative.  

After watching the video remember that the U.S. State Department’s U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), funded this young woman’s trip to Jordan. According to an interview with the Jordanian Roya TV, she participated in a “Jameed Festival” in Jordan.

She was one of thousands who the State Department paid to travel to the Middle East for its “partnership initiatives,” not to mention hundreds of millions it spent on similar projects.

Here is the transcript of her remarks.

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