SUMMER SLAUGHTER: ISIS Kills 100 in One Week; Beheads 23 Teens, Dissolves 25 in Nitric Acid

SUMMER OF SLAUGHTER: ISIS executed 100 people in one week new reports show, including beheading 23 teenagers who were suspected of being spies and burning a two-year-old girl alive.

The UK Express reported that this summer has been one of the deadliest under ISIS. According to Iraqi Army Brigadier-General Abdul-Karim Sabawi, “ISIS arrested 23 young men from Nimrod and al-Salamiya and beheaded them.

“The deceased were accused of collaboration with the security forces and providing them with important information about the outfit’s movement in Nimrod.”

In late July it was reported that ISIS was believed to have executed more than 100 people “for espionage” in one week alone, with the vast majority by public beheadings.

In addition to beheading the teens, ISIS also executed another 33 civilians in the nearby Qayyara district, according to AhlulBayt News Agency.

This came after publicly beheading professional soccer players.

And dissolving alive 25 Mosul civilians in a pool of nitric acid.

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