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Conservatism 101: Who is Really a Conservative?

Most Americans, including most Republicans, do not understand what “conservative” philosophy, principles, and policies are. Merriam-Webster defines conservative as “believing in the philosophy of conservatism,” which it defines as “belief in the value of established and traditional practices in politics … Continue reading

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Gallup Poll Reveals Majority of Americans are Conservative

In 2015, Gallup reveals that the majority of Americans are conservative, and have been since 2009. In its annual “State of the States” series Gallup identified state-by-state differences across political, economic and wellbeing measures. Gallup reports that in 2015, Americans identified ideologically from most to least … Continue reading

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Conservative’s Filthy Language About Donald Trump ASTOUNDS [WARNING: Offensive Language]

Most conservative pundits have been criticizing GOP front-runner Donald Trump for his foul language, or “offensive” demeanor. It’s no secret that Trump can be “equally offensive” to both Republicans and Democrats. However, what isn’t being reported by mostly everyone is … Continue reading

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