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WikiLeaks Proves Hillary & Obama Created ISIS in 2012

Thanks to Judicial Watch and WikiLeaks, more information continues to come out proving the involvement of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in creating and funding the terrorist organization, ISIS. Several pages of a 2012 report were released, which reveal communication among Barack … Continue reading

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“Islamic Refugee” Arrested in New Mexico with U.S. Gas Pipeline Plans, and More

Judicial Watch has uncovered an “Islamic refugee” apprehended in New Mexico with copies of the region’s gas pipeline plans; an ISIS training camp 8 miles south of the Texas border; Mexican drug cartels smuggling ISIS fighters into the U.S.; and the … Continue reading

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The Betrayal Papers Part III: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Expansive Network in America from Common Core, to Amnesty, to Purging the U.S. Military of Christians

The Betrayal Papers Part III: The Extensive Muslim Brotherhood Network in America, from Common Core, to Amnesty, to purging the U.S. Military of Christians  What do Common Core, “comprehensive” immigration reform, and IRS targeting of conservatives groups have in common? They … Continue reading

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Holder is No Moses, But Obama is Modern Day Pharaoh

When asked if Attorney General Eric Holder should resign for the numerous scandals in which he finds himself, MSNBC contributor Michael Eric Dyson said, What [Holder] should understand is that he is the chief lawgiver of the United States of … Continue reading

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Do These 5 Reasons Explain Why Hundreds of Walmart Stores Are Really Closing? [VIDEO]

Why is Walmart receiving money from the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Department of Homeland Security? Why are tanks and humvees being stored at Walmarts throughout the U.S.? Is the government in the process of transforming Walmarts into detention centers? Is this … Continue reading

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