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Sheriff Clarke: The Second Amendment Freed the Slaves 

Sheriff David Clarke recently discussed his commitment to defending the U.S. Constitution. He noted that while the 13th and 14th Amendments freed American slaves– it was the Second Amendment that truly won their freedom. Clarke began by explaining history. He said: Now as it relates to the … Continue reading

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One’s faith influences every area of society

Many argue one’s faith should be separate from the public square; Christians, in particular, should not be involved in politics, inaccurately arguing it’s unconstitutional. Yet, faith, family, and freedom are—the Axis Mundi of life—that which is the center of everything. … Continue reading

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Does 2015 America Meet Sam Adam’s Criteria for Armed Rebellion?

Samuel Adams, the Father of the American Revolution, specified four criteria (conditions) for citizens to determine when armed rebellion is justified to respond to a tyrannical and illegitimate government. Adams and others of a special committee wrote to the governor of … Continue reading

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A New Movement Sweeping America: The Ninth and Tenth Amendment Coalition

  Karl P. Koenigs and Michael Ranney, Retired USAF 3E971 Readiness, and many others, have been spreading the word about a coalition of patriots banding together to defend the U.S. Constitution, specifically, the 9th and 10th Amendments, called the Solidarity for Ninth and TENTH Amendments Coalition. … Continue reading

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