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Literal, Widespread Insanity in America

Is the media on LSD? Is the NAACP? Who in their right mind praises a white woman who says she is black and grew up in a teepee? “Transracial” and “transethnic” are now “normal”? “Transgender” is now “normal”? What parent … Continue reading

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Houston’s “All Gender Bathrooms” Discriminate Against Everyone

A recent trip to a doctor’s office in Houston, Texas, presented a heterosexual female with a conundrum. She asked where the bathroom was, and the receptionist told her down the hall. There were two bathrooms on either side of the … Continue reading

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Why Aren’t Liberals Promoting Anorexia as Normal?

Transgender is a mental disorder, called “Gender Dysphoria.” According to Dr. Paul McHugh, who wrote in The Wall Street Journal, sex changes being promoted by the likes of Bruce Jenner and others are “biologically impossible.” Everyone who promotes transgender as normal; everyone … Continue reading

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