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Unbelievable: Official Ad Depicts Gaza as Idyllic Vacation Spot, Thanks Hamas [video]

Aqsa TV, the official television channel of the terrorist organization Hamas, has recently been promoting an ad that depicts Gaza as a beautiful tourism spot to visit. This is Hamas’s attempt to minimize recently verifiable allegations that it has been using … Continue reading

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APPALLING: Missouri Grants ‘Jihad’ and ‘Hamas’ License Plates [VIDEO]

According to St. Louis, Mo., news station KMOV News 4, the State of Missouri’s Department of Motor Vehicles has permitted personalized terrorism license plates, that read “JIHAD1” and “HAMAS.” In response to emails it received from viewers, News 4 investigated a Missouri license plate reading … Continue reading

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Taqiyya: Qur’an Sanctioned Deceit to Promote Islam as a ‘Religion of Peace’

Not a day goes by without newscasters, commentators, or social media chatter using the phrases, “a faction of radical Islamists,” or “Islam is a peaceful religion.” Because the majority of Americans include the non-religious and self-identifying Christians who know little … Continue reading

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