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Without These American Businessmen Hitler Never Could Have Risen to Power [documentary]

After World War I, Germany was in dire straits. It’s people were starving and its cities were decimated. Germany had no capability to build an army, let alone have resources for transportation, ammunition, fuel, or communication. It was impossible for … Continue reading

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“Moderate Muslims” Are Irrelevant to America and the World

Many argue terrorist attacks are committed by extremists. However, as I have repeatedly argued a small minority has always been responsible for implementing violent ideology to overtake the “peaceful” and “moderate” majority. Consider this: of the 1.2 billion Muslims worldwide, … Continue reading

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“Criminal Muslim” Ideology is Freedomphobic, Christianphobic, and Anti-Semitic

Westerners must identify Islamic threats to their existence if not for the only reason that they themselves and their way of life are identified as the primary threat to Sharia. Muslims worldwide identify their problem: Kūffar, the non-believer, those who … Continue reading

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Must Watch: Common Core roots in Nazi Pedophilia [VIDEO]

A remarkable documentary, The Kinsey Syndrome, presented by Jude 3 Production by American History Films, uncovers the roots of a Nazi collaborator, pedophile, and psychiatrist who first introduced “sex education” into American public schools. The soft porn being taught today through … Continue reading

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