TEAR-JERKER: Young Black Patriots Express Love for America, Speak Out Against Left’s Lies [video]

These young black men are role models for others– they argue intellect and reason are critical for democracy. They are sick of the Left’s censorship, division, and emphasis on race instead of on improving the lives of Americans.

These are all young people standing up and saying they aren’t “Uncle Tom’s.” They are Americans voting for Donald Trump. They want jobs, not hand outs.

One black man says, “We need to stop with all the race-baiting. We are all Americans.”

Another black man tells a crowd, “All you care about is division. We are going to take this country back.”

“There are many black people who support Trump,” women try to explain to protesters, encouraging them to research the facts.

One young black police officer says,

I have been through a lot of dramatic situations. Ans I have to be honest,” he says of the anti-Trump protesters, “They are just outrageously screaming and yelling and not really saying anything but hateful slurs.

“These are the most hateful, evil people I’ve ever seen.”

Another young black man says, “All Republicans are not racists. They are not just for the Whites. …”

This is an incredible montage of black Americans who are proud to be Americans and are sick and tired of racial division created by the Democrats.

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