The Moral Depravity and Nazification of America

A new day of insanity has dawned in America: new methods to normalize murder now unashamedly mirror Nazi practices.

Toddlers are taught the virtue of killing babies for convenience, legislators advocate non-doctors can inject full-term babies’ hearts with poison, and gay men can enjoy “Spa Abortions.”

Walling Blackburn’s recently published e-book, Sister Apple, Sister Pig, reads like Nazi curriculum for children: “The Jewish Question in Classroom Instruction” that taught children “Jews are our misfortune,” and are cheaters and untrustworthy. Similarly, Blackburn compares an unborn child to an “apple, a pig, or ghost hiding somewhere in a tree.”

Blackburn’s main character, a three year old child, Lee, refers to his killed unborn sibling as a girl who “lived before me, but Mama couldn’t keep her. Mama says she is a ghost.”  And what does he feel about not having an older sister? He says,

“I’m not sad that my sister is a ghost! If you kept my sister, you would be tired, and sad, and mad! We would be wild and loud and sometimes we would fight. Mama might be scared that she could not buy enough food for us. Mama might not have enough time to read to me, to paint with me, to play with me, to talk with me…”

According to Blackburn, children should only exist if they are affordable, quiet, well behaved, cultured, and educated. Just like target practice at Birkenau, children are dispensable.

Propaganda like the “Abortion. Yeah, we do that.” ads posted in Washington D.C. metro stations seek to shame those who oppose abortion. Nazis used the same approach in 1942 Austria. The Nazi “complainer” poster campaigns sought to shame “complainers and those who failed to realize the greatness of life in Nazi Germany.”

Putting a human face on abortion through door-to-door and YouTube campaigns closely replicate the League of German Girls’ efforts. Their members walked the streets to “enroll” women and taught schoolgirls Nazi values about being a “woman,” “German,” and “to prepare them for motherhood.”

However, perhaps one of the greatest examples of moral depravity in America is a woman’s clinic catering to gay men who want to have abortions.

Gay men who biologically can’t have children but want to pretend they can—and want to kill them—can experience a simulated abortion.

Gays can now schedule “mock abortion procedures, promoted as a way to “grow closer with their partners.” The Daily Caller reported:

“Dr. Kristel Caulfield, an abortionist at the Williamsburg Women’s Center in Brooklyn, said the center initially offered a mock abortion procedure as a one-off gesture for a young tech millionaire and his husband who had made a generous donation to the clinic. Word spread, however, and soon several other gay couples were asking to try the procedure themselves, so the clinic made it an official offering.”

The only difference between “Spa Abortion” simulation and Nazi doctor procedures is that today gay men’s genitals are not radiated or castrated.

Before walking under the sign “Work Will Set You Free,” last fall former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee told a group of Americans,

“We are entering a place where innocent, unarmed people were systematically murdered by the most educated, scientifically advanced, theologically trained, sophisticated, modernized and knowledgeable people in the world.

“The very people who created the death industry and ‘scientifically’ and medically experimented on prisoners went home every day, ate dinner with their families, played with their children, went to concerts, and lived normal lives, knowing all the while those under their authority were living in horror.”

Similarly, nearly 100 New York State Assemblymen lead normal lives while advocating that injecting poison into a full-term baby’s heart should be legal.

Too many Americans now “call evil good and good evil;” replace “darkness for light and light for darkness, bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter;” “turn justice into bitterness and cast righteousness to the ground,” and “acquit the guilty and condemn the innocent,” paralyzing the law and perverting justice (Isa. 5:20; Amos 5:7; Prov. 17:15; Hab. 1:4). Such moral depravity is no different than Nazi era evil.

May 7, 2015

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